Book reviews by Duncan Double

Book review of Diagnostic issues in depression and generalized anxiety disorder: Refining the research agenda for DSM-V (2010) edited by David Goldberg et al

Book review of Rise and fall of the biopsychosocial model: Reconciling art and science in psychiatry (2010) by Nassir Ghaemi

Book review of William James at the boundaries: Philosophy, science and the geography of knowledge (2009) by Francesca Bordogna

Book review of Alternatives beyond psychiatry (2007) edited by Peter Stastny & Peter Lehmann

Book review of Paranoia: The 21st century fear (2008) by Daniel Freeman & Jason Freeman

Book review of Birth and power: A Savage enquiry revisited (2007) by Wendy Savage.

Book review of Asylum to action: Paddington Day Hospital, therapeutic communities and beyond (2006) by Helen Spandler

Book review of Classifying madness: A philosophical examination of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (2005) by Rachel Cooper

Book review of A sentimental murder: Love and madness in the eighteenth century (2004) coverby John Brewer

Book review of Biopsychosocial medicine: An integrated approach to understanding illness (2005) coverby Peter White (ed)

Book review of Madhouse: A tragic tale of megalomania and modern medicine (2005) by Andrew Scull
and The lobotomist: A maverick medical genius and his tragic quest to rid the world of mental illness (2005) coverby Jack El-Hai

Book review of What I learned in medical school (2004) coverby KM Takakuwa, N Rubashkin and KE Herzig.

Book review of The truth about drug companies: How they deceive us and what to do about it (2004) coverby M Angell.

Book review of Bipolar disorder (2002) coverby M Maj, HS Akiskal, JJ López-Ibor and N Sartorius.

Book review of Nature and narrative: An introduction to the new philosophy of psychiatry (2003) coverby B Fulford, et al (eds).

Book review of Being mentally ill: A sociological theory. Third edition (1999) coverby Thomas Scheff.

Book review of Beyond madness. Psychosocial interventions in psychosis (2001) coverby JH Berke, et al (eds)

Book review of Pathological child psychiatry and the medicalization of childhood (2002) coverby Sami Timimi.

Book review of Should I medicate my child? (2002) coverby Lawrence H Diller.

Book review of The invisible plague (2002) coverby E. Fuller Torrey and Judy Miller.

Book review of The creation of psychopharmacology (2002) by David Healy.

Book review of Commonsense rebellion - Debunking psychiatry, confronting society (2001) coverby Bruce E Levine.

Book review of Great feuds in medicine (2001) coverby Hal Hellman.

Book review of The anti-depressant fact book (2001) coverby PR Breggin.

Book review of Pharmacracy. Medicine and politics in America (2001) coverby TS Szasz.

Book review of Users and abusers of psychiatry: a critical look at psychiatric practice (2000) (Second edition) coverby L Johnstone

Book review of Outside the walls of the asylum. The history of care in the community 1750-2000 (1999) coverby P Bartlett & D Wright (eds).