Papers from the conferences 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2009

Phil Barker. The virtue of caring with: Exploring the necessary conditions for healing in mental health nursing.
Marian Barnes.
Taking over the asylum
Joseph Berke. The right to be at risk
Pat Bracken.
Democracy and mental health: The idea of post-psychiatry
Peter Campbell. System survivors: Is there anything we can do?
David Cohen.
Whither critical psychiatry?
Alison Faulkner & Vicky Nicholls.
User-led research. Towards a radically different mental health system
Jan Foudraine. 'Not made of wood' - an update. The power of medical maya.
Simon Gelsthorpe.
Surviving a flawed mental health system
Terry Lynch.
Understanding psychiatry's resistance to change
Joanna Moncrieff.
Drug treatment in modern psychiatry: The history of a delusion
Peter Morrall.
Madness, murder and media: A realistic critique of the psychiatric disciplines in a post-liberal society
David Pilgrim.
The biopsychological model in Anglo-American psychiatry: Past, present and future?
Shula Ramon.
Options and dilemmas facing British mental health social work
Jim Read.
Thinking about a drug-free future for mental health services.
David Smail.
Psychotherapy: How can we help?
Jerry Tew.
Reconstructing a social model of distress
Jan Wallcraft.
Recovery: A double-edged sword?